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Ebiz Education Enterprise was founded in 2004 and today it is one of Indonesia’s premier and trusted ICT solutions and education provider. With continuous solid record and performance, we have been trusted to develop more than 25,000 individuals from government, private, and academic organizations over the years. 

With Trijaya Technology Bizniz which was established in 2007, we made a harmonious partnership between the complexity of the business world and the speed world of information technology, our business growing.

Located centrally in Surabaya city, we have state of the art facilities to ensure maximum benefit for education delivery and solution development. Being one of the largest non-academic training centers we also worked together with many Universities to provide organizations alternatives for human resource development.

In the 2004, Ebiz Education Enterprise was awarded the premier status of Microsoft Certified Partner in Learning Solution. With the award, Ebiz Education Enterprise is authorized to produce Learning Solutions for both the Corporate and Academic Sectors of Indonesia.