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ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a comprehensive and consistent framework of the implementation of proven results in the management of information technology services that a company can achieve the desired quality of service support. The program is intended specifically for the Chief Information Officer.
ITIL includes eight sets, namely service support, service delivery, service management plan development, ICT infrastructure management, application management, business perspective, security management, and software asset management. Two of them, namely service support and service delivery is the main area, which is also called IT Service Management (ITSM). Taken together, these two areas contain some of the discipline that is responsible for determining and service management of Information Technology (IT) effective.
Process Management
IT service management process helps organizations to align people, processes, and technology through the use of Information Technology Infrastructure Library® (ITIL) to make the model as a guideline IT Support in the form of detailed work instructions on how to run up of jobs. The purpose models to eliminate the differences between ITIL guidance and your service management applications, it allows you to shorten the period of implementation, reduce costs, and clicking elimination major risk factors associated with the implementation of the service management

ITIL Service Support
Service support is a discipline that allows the availability of IT services. Without this discipline, information technology is almost impossible to provide IT services are good, and can not be managed properly. Discipline service support are:
• Configuration management
• Incident Management
• Problem management
• Change management
• Service / help desk
• Release management
• Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officer
• Information System Steering Committees
• IT Managers
• IT & Audit Professional
• Audit Managers
• Risk Management Professional
• Related Professional