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DAT Program

Computer and software technology today has become a primary necessity in the job. In this 21st century, all the companies expect the graduates to be employed already have the basic ability to perform everyday tasks using the latest technology. In addition, with the increasing competition in the world of work today, the students need to have an additional competence and professional certification to obtain the advantages of the other. Certification to be obtained are usually quite expensive and students must take the extra time to get it. Therefore, to answer all these challenges Ebiz Infotama Interindo as a Microsoft representative in Indonesia to make a program that was named DAT Program, where DAT Program is a certification program from Microsoft Learning Solution that aims to provide expertise in the field of Microsoft Office because it can not be denied also that in every job and profession using Microsoft Office. By following the DAT program, the graduate student / students not only get a diploma from where they seek knowledge but also get an International Certificate of Microsoft Learning Solution whose testimony has been recognized in Indonesia and internationally. So that the students / students are expected to actually have the expertise and are ready to apply the latest technology in college and the workplace.

In this program, students can receive training in the use of Microsoft Office suite of Microsoft's curriculum at an affordable price. Students will receive training in international standards certified by Microsoft and Microsoft Partners in Learning Solutions and the National Professional Certification (BNSP).
The benefits are as follows:

Instance :
1. Meeting the demands of a better education level by scoring graduates who have the title of  "GRADUATE PLUS".
2. The registration process is simple and easy.
3. No need to make certain capital investments.
4. No need to spend capital for research and development.
5. Educational institutions supported by the Train the Trainer Program.
6. Standart Curriculume.

7. Technical support

8. This program supporting accreditation.

9. Free Microsoft Education; *term condition.

9. Free guest lecture about Microsoft product;  *term condition.


Student :
1. Student Pack and Curriculum MS Office include MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook
2. Double Certification:

  • Industry Certification: Certification of Ebiz Education Enterprise as the Microsoft Learning Solutions, where the latter will receive a certificate of international students from Microsoft Learning Solution.
  • Certification of Competence: For students who have passed the DAT program, it will get a certificate of competence from BNSP. Students do not need to test again. Because DAT Certificate program can be used to obtain the Certificate BNSP portfolio.

3. Cost of affordable
can continue to MOS certificate.