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TUK LSP TIK Indonesia

Why Certification?

For IT Professionals

Prove competence

  •     Established credibility



Benchmark or value

  •     The difference in skill a person can be compared
  •     Skills demonstrated their value
  •     Can be targeted to increase future


Individual Achievement

  •     Training / Certification

Increased career
For Users

  • Prove competent in the work or products or services.
  • Increasing confidence.
  • Assist in career planning.
  • Measuring the level of achievement of competencies in formal and independent     institutions.
  • Meet regulatory requirements.
  • Become more effective and efficient.
  • Assist in the promotion of the profession in the labor market.

For Employers

  •     As a tool for measuring HR development
    1.   Standards for recruitment
    2.   Standards for advancement
  • Makes it easy to put HR.
  • Help the industry to convince the client that the products / services have been made by competent       personnel.
  • Assist the industry in career development and remuneration system of competency-based personnel. 

For Government

  • Help ensure the achievement of human resources development programs in the sector.
  • Help ensure compliance and control system of human resource development in the sector.
  • Petrified ensure targets development program planning in the sector.